– still completely rubbish

So, thanks Joe for stalking me, finding this blog, and repeatedly pointing out to me that it’s fairly lacking – as such I’m now going to make sure I update this more frequently🙂

This week I’m kicking off a few projects which I’ve been aiming to complete for a while. The pedalboard still needs some finishing touches, and an updated blog post of the changes made since last time will be coming soon!

Up-and-coming projects:

– Nintendo Game Boy MIDI interface (oh yes, exciting bloopy tunes from the comfort of my computer)
– Korg Kaossilator guitar, a la http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lns8Sf5e-2Q
– Mini battery powered network router
– Cooking!

So lots on offer, if I can get round to posting about it,  which I will try🙂


Chris oXo

– Pedalboard project, day 1

Howdy hey-hey,

So today, having gained the 4 hours that I lost when I went to Dubai, I have been beavering away with my current project that I’ve been dreaming up for a long time. A rather grand guitar pedalboard, built in to a tweed suitcase😀

A brief introduction to what a pedalboard is:

For those who don’t play guitar/people not in know, an effects pedal is a little metal box of glee for guitarists. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the main purpose of one is to make your guitar sound different. You can use more than one, and a lot of people do. Like me!😀

When you gather a large assortment, it can be tedious and time-consuming for those of us not blessed with roadies to unplug them all and set them all up again.

This is where a pedalboard comes in – you stick the pedals to it, wire it all up, and now you have a thing that you can take around wherever and not have to bother with all the faff of plugging them all in. It also has other handy duties, i.e. keeping them safe, showing them off etc. but this is the main use of them.

Now you can buy premade ones in the shop. But these tend to be boring plastic/aluminium items. So I decided to build one myself, mainly for three reasons:

– It looks better
– It’s more personal
– I can make things better than stuff you can buy😉
So I decided upon a tweed suitcase – I couldn’t think of anything more blues/rock n’ roll than an old, battered up tweed suitcase. It’s also handy – turn it upside-down, and the lid becomes the pedalboard, and the main body of the suitcase a deep cover to accommodate the larger pedals I have. Genius, huh?

I came across this beauty a month ago on Ebay, and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better candidate:

Purple is the devil's colour.

60 (!) years old, bruised and battered. Full of character. Perfect🙂

Today I started work after a prompt visit to Homebase to gather all the stuff I needed. A non-exhaustive bill-of-materials:
– MDF (I got a load of offcuts from the board-cutting guy for £6.50, which saved me a ton of money!)
– Screws
– Rubber feet
– White paint
– Drawlock catches
– Some rather awesome self-adhesive foil, which for now shall be kept secret😉

I also plan to get some LEDs to go on the inside. It’s going to be good!

So first task of the day was to remove the stubborn metal hinges. I went at the rivets holding them on with a Dremel, they popped off and we were in business. I took the lid (which is now the base of the whole affair) and ripped out the fabric. Here it is:


Next task, I cut out the MDF pieces (most of them). The base of the pedalboard (from here on after, pedalboard = lid of suitcase), which strengthens everything; the side panels of the pedalboard, and the main panel for the pedals themselves. This consists of a large 6mm MDF piece, and a thick 12mm ‘spine’ to strengthen it to resist all those rockstar stampings in the future.

It got pretty late, so I decided to call it a day. It went much slower than I had hoped, this is unfortunatelby as I hadn’t really planned the MDF pieces whatsoever and spent a lot of time thinking. It’s going to be good though, stay tuned🙂


– Unorganised

Hello all,

I have realised that I am completely terrible at this whole blog business. However, now is the time to get on this and I wanted to restart up my blog again, coming back stronger and more awesome than before!

So – hello, from Dubai. I’m currently located here having had a very good week demoing software to a new potential client – it’s been a very good experience to say the least! I met with someone from the company, Karim, and we went out last night. First we went for a beer at the Atlantis hotel, which is one of the most impressive buildings I have ever laid my eyes on – it is grand, in the full sense of the word. Karim pointed out that there were many hotels in Dubai like this🙂

It’s full of exciting places with titles along the lines of “world’s biggest…” world’s most…” – I have seen far too many of these to even count. Some of the most notable places I have seen so far is the Burj al Arab, the world’s tallest, most expensive hotel. I went to see it yesterday and it really is beautiful. Tonight I’m planning on going out to eat near the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building. Apparently there is a musical fountain – described as the most glorious in all of the ME. I’m taking my trusty camera with me and hope to get some snaps of these two sights, grab some food and explore the Dubai Mall too.

Anyway – I’ll be quiet for now, however I plan to get more organised with this blog. Now that I have reached the ripe old age of 23, I have decided that there needs to be some changes, and starting this blog is a good way to get motivated for them all🙂

Chris x

– Pseudonym

Good afternoon readers!

Well, this weekend provided much frivolity as I visited Leicester to see my uni friends. Probably the best thing that I can do at weekends is have the ability to pretend I’m a student again – it’s definitely the best way to relax after a weeks work!

I’ve always had a soft spot for bullet points. There is something wonderful about them. So here is a quick summary of my weekend:

  • Ate my own weight in Japanese food (Little Tokyo on Friday with Kirsty and Gabrielle, Yo Sushi on Saturday with Sophie)
  • Due to above, now am an expert in using chopsticks
  • Saw King’s Speech – which, frankly, is bloody fantastic and is highly recommended by me!
  • Moved some heavy stuff for Kirsty – I always inevitably end up moving things for LUT or friends, it’s something I have come to terms with
  • Received no less than a million* hugs from various people (*NB: this is probably a lie)
  • Had breakfast with Nick and Elizabeth; received a Christmas present from Nick in the shape of a polar bear which is now proudly displayed on my desk next to Tux
  • Enjoyed much tea and cake with Ruth and Laura
  • Played drama games with baffling names for a while
  • Generally had a really awesome time

For some reason I have decided that I require some pseudonyms for various purposes. Don’t ask me why, that is bordering dangerously close on trying to figure out how my brain works, which is not recommended. I think everyone should have at least one alter ego in case of emergency – tax dodging, insurance fraud, avoiding weirdos, and many other possibilities. They’re quite handy. I imagine that a minimum of 3 will be necessary: an artistic type, a business type, and a social type. Further expansion would include a working class citizen. They’ll need to have a basic background story with some details to provide a kicking off point for improvisation.

So, first one!

Timothy Hepfield
Tim will be my generic businessman  pseudonym. This would be useful in giving others the appearance of wealth, or trying to convince some large bank to invest in my pretend business. He’ll have a generic English accent. He went to Birmingham University where he studied Business Management with Communications – he won’t tell you, but he got a Third. His main speciality is PR. He’s a gambler/boozer, and fairly loud and outgoing. He’ll be suited most, if not all of the time. He’ll be ever-so-slightly sexist, probably only showing that side whilst out and drunk. He’s not spent any longer than 3 months in a job; he moves from place to place, mostly giving the excuse that they didn’t suit him. But he’s ambitious and has good ideas, and a wealthy family. He isn’t married, and doesn’t want to get settled down. Is a bit a weirded out by kids.

I’ll start developing Tim soon. I might even practice at the pub tonight, which will give me something to do other than watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings or making a fort. Which, if you’ve never done in a hotel and have a spare 20 minutes, I thoroughly recommend. But hey – if anyone has any more suggestions of a useful alter ego, there is a comment box below!😉

To top off this post, I am thinking of doing a couple of regular posts each week. Like, ‘abstract thought of the day’, or a cooking corner thing. Who knows. I don’t. Hence my obvious plea for ideas.

So, lunch break is officially over – time for me to bugger off and do some work. Those computers don’t fix themselves, you know…

Peace off! x

Chris Millar – bandwagon?

Hello, World! Or just all, depending if you’re into the whole programming scene.

Well – seeing as my friends Kirsty and Nick have both signed up for this wonderful way of communicating, I saw fit to do the same. So here it is – me jumping on the bandwagon like some sort of bandwagon-raiding character out of a Spaghetti Western.

So here it is, sports fans! chrismillarawesome.wordpress.com – catchy, eh?


So a quick update – today has been a particularly good day. It marks the end of my first week back in Woking – I’ve been staying in a particularly delightful inn called the Wheatsheaf, where I spend my time eating pub food, getting fat, and sleeping. Good times.

I went to the pub (thankfully a different one, variety is the spice of life after all) for lunch which always gives such a satisfying feeling – to know you’re out, having a pint and relaxing with colleagues smack bang in the middle of the day. Bliss🙂

I’ll be returning to Leicester tonight which shall be joyous on all sorts of accounts. It’ll be nice to see my friends again, too long I have spent in the frozen tundra that is Aberdeen without them.

So I guess this blog will be about my life and times and abstract thoughts. Which I tend to have a lot of. I will post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail, but may include interesting tidbits in between.


Much love, general populous! x